What control do I over the  CLEAVER  environment?

CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets allow you to set the temperature {5 ̊C to 22 ̊C} and the humidity {60% to 85% relative humidity}.  The inbuilt control regulates your temperature and humidity automatically and fans create passive air circulation.

How much meat can I fit in a CLEAVER?

The Weaner (it's bigger than you think) will hold up to 40kg to 50kg of meat.
This could be made up of up to 6 prosciutto, 20 to 25 coppas or 30 (long) to 60 (short) salami...as a guide. 

The Boar can cure around 60 to 70kg of meat.
Which is could be 6 to 8 prosciutto, and/or 30 to 60 coppas, plus 30 to 100 salami.

The Hog can cure around 80+kg of meat.
You can fit up to 12 to 16 prosciutto, and/or up to 60+ coppas, plus 30 to 100+ salami.

The Corkscrew will hold up to 50kg to 60kg of meat.
So up to 6 to 8 prosciutto, 25+ coppas or 35 (long) to 70 (short) salami...plus up to 5 dozen (60) bottles of your finest wine.

What maintenance will I have to do? 

Not much. As always, you should keep your CLEAVER clean to avoid contamination and spoilage. You will also need to refill the humidifier as regular and you might need to occasionally empty the de-humidification discharge tray.

Can I dry age in a CLEAVER?

No. The environmental settings in a CLEAVER Salumi Cabinet are perfect for salumi and charcuterie, but not for dry ageing meats...but...watch this space! 

What else can I use them for?

Maturation of hard and white mould cheeses. Storing you beer fermenting vessel. Over flow beer fridge at Christmas. Wine bottles. 

Do you ship internationally?

Currently Cleaver only ships within Australia. If you are interested with partnering with us for international distribution please email Dave.