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CLEAVER enjoys a little indulgence, sports the occasional sauce stain and never orders ‘dressing on the side.’ He drinks his whiskey neat, and saves the Coke to cook his ham hocks.

CLEAVER learns from Nonna, YouTube and his mistakes, he’s not keen on instruction manuals. He has a healthy respect for tradition, but appreciates the benefits of technology.

CLEAVER likes to make things by hand and loves to share them. And sure, he doesn’t mind a bit of praise either.

He believes you can respect the beast in life and still savour it in sausages. CLEAVER understands that everything good requires patience.

Our Salumi Cabinets are brought to you in the spirit of CLEAVER, a little bit tough, a little bit fancy, a practical luxury; equally at home in the kitchen or the Man Cave.




My CLEAVER has made me more popular than Kanye
— Jesus
My CLEAVER Salumi Cabinet is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Making charcuterie all year round is very satisfying and the after sales service is second to none.
— Craig, Ballarat
I’m the most successful person ever to make salami by far. Nobody’s ever made better salami than me. I’m the most successful person ever to mince that pork. Ross Perot can’t make ham like me. Romney - I have a Proscuitto that’s worth more than Romney.”

Des Meat Register, 2/6/15
— Donald Trump
If you want to tell people the truth, make them salami otherwise they’ll kill you.”
— Oscar Wilde


CURE 365

The cabinets provide the ideal
environment to air cure your own
salami, proscuitto, coppacolla,
sausages and more, the whole year

CLEAVER cabinets offer the convenience and flexibility allowing you to make as regular batches of salumi right across the year. They are fully insulated and double glazed and come with internal temperature control, full humidification control and passive air-circulation.

You be able to sit back and watch your
salumi cure in the sleek, impressive CLEAVER Salumi Cabinet.