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1. Orders must be confirmed with deposit payment (minimum 20% of order value) upon ordering. 2. All cancellations of order must be received in writing to String + Salt.
3. CLEAVER will notify clients when cabinets are ready for delivery. Full payment is due prior to delivery of all orders.
4. Failure to make full payment within 14 days of notification that cabinets are ready for delivery may result in cancellation of the order. In these circumstances the deposit payment may be retained by String + Salt.


1. All orders collected from String + Salt are FREIGHT FREE.
2. Freight to Australia only.
3. Freight charges upon application.


1. Payment plan available for customers approved by Devizo Australia as per their terms and conditions.
2. To qualify customers must; - Be over 18 years of age. - Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. - Have proof of a stable income. - Be able to provide suitable identification.
3. Payment plan schedule is made up of 6 equal monthly repayments.
4. Establishment, account and processing fees apply. See below for details. Additional charges may apply for late payments.
5. Devizo Australia’s full terms and conditions provided upon request.
6. Freight charges will be payable separately